Bikini Girl


Version: 1.0.0

Size: 43.55MB


Christmas Limited Edition Now In Theaters!!
Let’s get hot on this winter!!
“Bikini girls” is a combination of high speed slipping and photos taking action game.
Player can select your favorite girl to join the tournament.
The girls look cool when you won the reward, because you can get the sexy bikini of your character for free.
Also you get the chance for taking shoot with those Bikini Girls!!
I can’t image what they pose when I taking shoot.
Try your best to collect all the items and coins when you start the game.
You will feel how’s important when you need to use the items.
Whatever which girls you will be like, I trust you can choise the one you like.
Go to get them all and prepare your camera. Bikini Girls are now waiting for you!!
Also ready your Camala and Swimming Wear get hot!!