Dino Safari 2 Pro

Requires Android – 2.3 and up

Version: 3.9.5

Size: 64.79MB

Developers: CDS


Dino Safari 2 Pro

Dino Safari 2 Pro

Prehistoric mayhem collides into existence when a time traveling palaeontologist gets to work on some fresh bones…
You are a palaeontologist on a huge jurassic island which is populated by an army of predatory dinosaurs. You must conquer the great beasts and get your work done.
To help achieve this this you have an assortment of weapons, a jeep, motorbike and a faithful horse.
Get ready to encounter a battle between you as the hunter and you as the hunted. READY?
* Handgun/Compound Bow/Pistol Crossbow(Explosive Arrows)/Rifle.
* Proximity Mines/Gas Canisters.
* Motorbike, Get on/off motorbike anytime/anywhere.
* Jeep with Power Zoom Rifle.
* Horse thats your faithful friend with Whistle to Call.
* Mirror Portal – Use to teleport out of danger.
* Zip Line Fast Escape.
* Huge open 3D Environment to roam and explore.
* HD console-quality graphics and gameplay.
* Bone collection Extra XP Bonus.
* Treasure Chest/Parachute – Pick up Bonus
* Fuel/Gun Clips/Medi Kits/Explosive Tip Arrows pickups.
* 3D Dinosaurs/Animals include : TRex, Spinosuarus, Raptors, Triceratops, Velociraptors, Euoplocephalus, Pterodactyl, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolohus. Brontosaurus, and Sarcosuchus.
* Tutorial and Unlimited Quests to complete.
* Map/Radar to locate and track Dinosaurs/Animals.
* Stunning Deep Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds.
* Full 3D – 360 Degrees Action.
Plus more…


Install apk

Unzip Game Data Cache Using WINRAR on Sdcard\android\obb\
Play the game