Gravity Flip Runner

Requires Android – 2.2 and up

Size – 15M

Current Version – 1.0

Unleash the running power in you.

Fight the odds of gravity and run like crazy in this adrenaline filled Gravity Flip Runner.

This game is totally unique and new in concept with its running action and gravity free adventures.

Fighting all the obstacles on the way, you need to run as far as you can.

Gravity Flip Runner1

The platform on which you run has obstacles on it and it rotates its view angle as you go farther. The greatest challenge is to keep your controls intact when it is in rotation. Totally a mind blowing game from the makers of Dark Runner.

Board , Flowers, House , monkey ,mushroom , spring monkey , thorn , tunnel , well ,wood , coins

You need to jump over these obstacles like

1. Tunnel
2. Carnivorous Plant
3. Baboon
4. Springing Monkey
5. Thorny bush
6. Well
7. Floating House
8. Towers and Pillars

1. Invincibility
2. Re-spawn

Get set go in this unlimited running mania…!