The Evolution of Slots Games

If you believe that a lot of places to think of these criminals, as seen in the old days in Las Vegas or in the movies. In pieces and had to pull a lever to spin the reels. The slots are usually the motto theme is limited only by the designer’s imagination. Land Casinos have certainly seen changes in the slots. Now you have to press a button and there are other options available. With the creation of online slots casinos online, the possibilities are even more varied, changed the face of gaming machines we know. It’s interesting how slot machines were developed in recent years. Charles Fey of California in the United States invented the first slot machine in 1800 lat. Since then he has come a long way.

Traditional slot machines

If you play the slot machines will likely find online casinos, the category of traditional slot machines. Usually it is a collective term for a series of slots with three reels and one pay line, without a lot of extra features. You spin the reels. You pay online in the middle of the three lines. Regardless of the land, the line is what determines your benefit, if any. It may contain additives such as wildcards, symbols used in place of any other icon, so you can win.

Several coils with online slots

A popular type of slot machine is now multi-reel slot. Instead of the traditional three reel, five and up to nine coils are most popular five reel slot machines are the most common. Five reel slot machine, it seems that when we add two other functions, but as a new slot three reel looks like, but independently of each coil so that three columns of rotation of the coil upper, middle and lower.

Multiple paylines

Traditionally, the winning line was in the middle. But with online slots at today, you can change the number of paylines you want. You can pay lines extending. For horizontal lines in the columns of the top, middle and bottom, and vertical, all coils, and even diagonal roller Select the number of paylines depending on your bet playing at You can choose a single row or multiple payment until maximum paylines available.

The variables in online slots

With advances in technology designers slots are very creative and have added variables to make the game fun. The wildcards in place of any other symbol boxes indicate the first prize in the crowd to the coil, can be used to multiply scatter symbols appear, you win, no matter where it appears that is activated when a symbol or a combination appear in the games coil and the bonus. Another game starts, increase your first pot. Bonus Rounds can continue to use the functions of a jackpot spin more and more until there is no more loss bet. The heads used to move or push the coil in its favor, so that the symbol that appears on a roll of a winning line is reduced. The latest incarnation of-Slots are slot machines and variations that allow the player to be interactive with the game. Some slots that can stop the reels, if you want to stop or Autoplay.


There are two types of award: fair and progressive. A right jackpot, where there is a fixed amount that will be recovered when you press the desired combination of symbols. This will depend on the amount of the bet, the number of lines and symbols. Most online slots, you can automatically maximum and the maximum bet lines. However, be careful when doing so, as each year can be expensive. Progressive jackpots are handled through a network of slots and jackpot accumulates each rotation by all players playing. He continues to build until he won.