Dunder Casino

Dunder Casino was founded in March 2016. The founders of Dunder know exactly what an online casino should look like today. The values ??at the online casino are also good. Dunder has wanted to create an easy and carefree playground that is also safe for all players. When creating the casino, they have stepped specifically into the player’s boots. If Dunder manages to create a casino that meets the needs of many, if not almost all, players, they have succeeded very well in their mission. This will make Dunder one of the best new online casinos. In total, the casino has up to 1,000 different games, all created by the best in the gaming industry. Dunder Casino is very stylish at first glance. The layout is pleasant and its layout as well as the different categories are well displayed. The player will find all the main buttons on the home page, such as “Create a game account”, “Login” and of course “Games”.

They allow the player to get started easily. The background consists of skyscrapers and other stunning landscapes that create a sense of space. So Dunder online looks relatively good and modern. Next to the DUNDER logo is a menu with links to games, Dunder bonuses, a Help / Chat button and of course a link to log in or create a game account. The most popular games can be found immediately below the banner. After the most popular games, there are three small info boxes, and lastly links to responsible gaming, the casino information page and of course the casino terms and conditions. In its simplicity, the site is very functional and stylish. If you like more empty space in layouts, you won’t find it in this casino, so in that case, the casino site may feel a little crowded. But as long as everything works effortlessly, it certainly won’t matter significantly.

As one of the newest online casinos, Dunder has also invested in mobile functionality, gameplay and ease of site browsing. This is how the Dunder mobile was born, which opens up on both smartphones and tablets thanks to responsive pages. The look of the site looks better on a small screen, and while the look is crammed full of all sorts, it loads quickly with a good web connection. The way games are categorized is even a bit problematic on mobile. Namely, the player has to scroll a lot, especially if he wants to go through all the category options. This is characterized by laborious and sometimes also annoying. The Dunder app opens in the device’s web browser, just like the casino’s mobile-optimized games. Whether you are using an iPhone or Windows, an iPad or any other smart device, games are within everyone's reach.