Popular Casino Games

Everyone indulges in the most incredible charts, from that of the most loved films to that of the biggest political flops. We have decided to draw up one that will certainly interest online games fans the top 5 of the most popular online casino games. The year that is about to end has been in the dark for the online gambling industry. It is still early to say whether this will affect their profits, and we will know more over the next year. On the net, it has a loyal audience, but it does not reach the volumes of players of other types of games. Baccarat is a game of great charm, made famous in particular by the James bond films.

In land based casinos, baccarat tables are usually reserved for high rollers, and are therefore prohibited for the general public. Nothing like this happens online, and anyone can play for whatever they want, even a few coins, or even play for free. That's why this game ranks number 4 on our leader board. There is no player who does not love blackjack fast, exciting, full of twists, based on luck but also on calculation, this game has hundreds of thousands of fans. Also because it is similar to the seven and a half that many of us have played as a family during the holidays. Blackjack is popular both in the classic digital version and in the live one, where players are connected via webcam to a gaming room where a real dealer is, who gives the cards.

Just like blackjack, roulette has seen unprecedented success in its online version in recent years, also thanks to the boom in live online casinos. Live play makes virtual play extremely addictive, especially in the case of roulette, a game in which the splendor of the wheel, the sound of the ball bouncing and waiting to find out which number it will land on, represent a large part of the fun. All of which live online roulette does perfectly. But traditional online games are also strong, given that the now very accurate graphics make them extremely realistic.

Slots are definitely the most popular game among playing online. This result does not surprise us at all, given that it is a carefree, fast, very easy game, and that does not require concentration or learning any rules. Just click play or spin to play. This makes the slots the ideal game for those moments of pause when you want to completely disconnect from the thoughts and stress of the day. In addition, there are hundreds of different versions of it, from sports inspired to cinematic ones from fantasy themed to gangster themed slots. In short, there really is something for everyone.