Roulette Strategies

The strategies for roulette are many and all very valid, it is the player's ability to apply them that makes the difference. We have mapped out for you the best strategies such as the doubling method, the Fibonacci sequences, the dozen system, the columns, the 5 8 series, the lugano method, D'Alembert and even the orphans. There are many types of roulette and we have tried them. The roulette tables are all different and all very beautiful but you have to be clear about the differences in order to apply the strategies.

And beat the roulette for this we show you the photos and images in the guides in order to offer you the best visual feedback. Also on our section you will always find the best dedicated bonuses, in fact we constantly monitor all the bookmakers specialized in the world of roulette to offer the best promotions to interested users. The game is not that simple, you have to understand the bets , systems, chips, odds and statistics of each hand as real roulette professionals do. In addition we will also show you the best apps to play free roulette to gain experience and the calculator to understand how to make the best spins.

When it comes to strategies and methods to win at roulette, you enter a fascinating world where mathematics, statistics, logic and luck are intertwined. Since 1657 , the year of its birth, scholars and enthusiasts have sought the infallible system to win at roulette. Almost four centuries of attempts and obsessions that have produced a myriad of strategies, more or less functional, adopted to get the better of one of the most popular games in human history. So what are the best systems? Which strategy has the highest chance of success? Which approach should you take when facing roulette.

The strategies change if we are in front of an electronic roulette, online or a real casino? We turned these questions to industry experts, real roulette professionals who revealed the 15 most used and reliable methods. It ranges from statistical and mathematical systems to very simple tricks that can maximize the chances of success. The most popular roulette method in virtual casinos is the one that exploits the play on the pivot number, probably for the extreme ease of application. What does pivot mean in roulette? It is practically the pivot number on which to base the bet . This method is based on the mathematical law of the third and since you bet on 1 single number there is a return of 35 times the stake every time it comes out. To learn more about how it works, we invite you to read the article on the pivot method. A widely used system, both in land and online casinos, is that of the mirror.