NetEnt Casino Software

In such an ancient and deeply rooted world, NetEnt twenty years of experience may seem like a small thing, but it all acquires another value when compared to the online world. In fact, digital gambling is much more recent and two decades in this sector are synonymous with quality. The NetEnt portfolio is already impressive in itself, with a disproportionate number of games available to the user, if we add to this the variety of themes proposed, we could say that we have made jackpot before even playing.

The company prides itself on dedicating a lot of time to creating every single slot so that it guarantees a game path as pleasant as possible. For those who still have some distrust towards casino content creators, always remember that although the main purpose of every company in the world not just those associated with gambling is to make money, they could not do so without offering games. Fun and exciting. We will talk about the themes of the slots calmly later in the review, for now let's try to understand which of these we want to dedicate ourselves to in front of so much choice, where to throw yourself.

There are several methods that can affect our choice, one of them is to follow the advice of NetEnt itself which highlights some slot games hunt down those damned vampires by taking down their ruler count. We talk about which slots have the highest RTP coefficient, perhaps it is best to quickly explain what it is. The RTP is the ratio between the money inserted into a game and that issued by the same slot in the form of a win the closer it is to 100 percent without reaching it, of course, the more the player will have a chance to win during his games.

Now, this does not determine that games with a lower RTP are not to be tried, on the contrary, they could have a higher prize pool just to compensate for their slight lack of security, but above all at first, our opinion is to keep keep an eye on this value. On the other hand, as the same company says, all NetEnt slots have an RTP that varies from 95 to 98 percent, which allows a player to play longer and therefore, in fact, have fun for longer. As we said earlier, the number of casinos using NetEnt software is huge, which of them is the most profitable to join. Of course for the sake of time there is never enough we will give you just a few examples among the hundreds available, based on the popularity indicated to us by the players, the availability of this casino and the welcome promotions it offers.