Blackjack Strategy

There are many strategies available to online Blackjack players. One of the best known is reserved for people with good mental arithmetic skills, since it involves counting cards to reduce the range of probabilities. But, there are also some pretty simple rules that can increase your in-game winnings.

One of the best known was developed in the 1950s and has three easy-to-remember rules that must be followed at all times. First rule, do not ask for cards when your score is already at least equal to 12 points and the bank has only six points or less. Second rule, choose to always draw a card with sixteen points if the bank has seven or more.Penultimate rule, taking the first two rules into account first, shoot with seventeen points or less if necessary and do not shoot with eighteen or more. Last rule to follow, always take care to separate the Aces and 8s as well as the 7s if the dealer has a similar or weaker pair. Make the decision to double down with ten or eleven in hand if those points are higher than the bank's. In conclusion, never buy insurance.

This strategy has been proven for over 60 years, it is not a miracle method but by following these rules exactly you are sure to increase your chances of winning. Blackjack intuitively pushes the player to play on impulse which will sooner or later lead him to lose all of his bets. If you want to learn more about blackjack strategy, quickly watch this very clear and concise video.

To be able to appreciate the difficulty of the game it is necessary to understand the number of cards in play. They are particularly numerous because the shoe is made up of six complete decks of cards. So there are several hundred cards that can come out at any time. Opening a table or renewing a shoe is the preferred time for players to join a table. This is not visible in Electronic Blackjack unless you join one of the game rooms offering Live Blackjack. It is then a question of playing in a land-based casino while observing the dealer via a webcam.