Bonuses in an online casino

It’s when you do your casino research that you will first see this notion of bonus. Online casinos offer you a mess and this is one of the reasons why 60% of players on the Internet choose this or that casino. Such a proportion leads casinos to look more and more at the question of these bonuses to refine them, create them according to the needs and wishes expressed by the players themselves. We wanted to address the subject because it is nevertheless one of the points for which the players ask themselves the most questions. As a guide, we're here to educate you. So focus on the bonuses.

Understand what a bonus is

The bonus may be viewed differently whether you are a player or the casino. Although it is obvious that it is only the notion of the player side that you will be interested in, we still wanted to present the vision of casinos to you so that you better understand their interest in bonuses.

For the casino

The bonus is a way to attract the player. Competition is so developed in this environment that we must use all possible means. Bonuses remain for the moment one of the main assets of internet casinos. This is why it is usually the first information you see advertised on the website.

For the player

This is obviously a huge advantage for the player. The bonus results in a sum of money that will be offered to the player. This sum can be without consideration, this is called the "free" bonus. Or it can intervene in exchange in addition to a deposit that the player will make, this is called the "play" bonus.

Get a bonus

Obtaining a bonus at an online casino is simple and is governed by specific rules. The bonuses are always in your personal space, most often in the "cashier" part of it. There you will find a summary of what is available to you. Take the time to learn about the bonuses available in order to choose your casino.

Free bonuses

In the case of a free bonus, you will only have to activate the bonus by clicking on it. Nothing could be simpler then. The sum will be added directly to your balance and you will only have to play.

Game bonuses

In the case of a play bonus, with a deposit, there are important criteria to be observed. You will get the bonus by activating it first and then making your deposit. There is a minimum amount that is linked to obtaining the bonus, it must be respected because otherwise the bonus will not trigger. There is also a deposit method which must be specified. If nothing is indicated, it is that you can deposit with any method, but if there is one mentioned, again, it will have to be respected because otherwise the bonus will be and will remain inactive. Once you have made your deposit in the rules, you will see the sum of the bonus add up to the sum of your deposit, all in your player balance.