Live Casino

Live games are arguably what works best on the net, with players looking for a little bit of energy to break that routine that sets in after a few games. In this article you will learn all about the Live dealer mode and with which we are sure you will have a lot of fun.

It must be said that this Live mode brings so much life to your game, it's almost another way of playing that takes you to real casinos but this time from your living room or office. No more monotonous parts where you spend the time clicking without any animation. Now you will have this person in front of you, this living dealer, a human being, a real one, who will interact with you. We are going to observe how this Live dealer system works or Live Dealer as the English say.

In reality, it's quite simple, as a concept, even at the technical level, it's not very complicated, you just had to think about it, like all the great ideas in this world elsewhere. the player. You are in front of your PC, you are playing your favorite game. On the game screen, you have an insert that actually shows the image of a real dealer. This reproduces exactly what you order as the action in the game. It will play the same way it would if it were in a real casino.

On the other side, you have a croupier, who does not see your image but sees indications as to the part you are leading, such as for example the bets you want to play, the cards you draw, etc. A camera films it so that you can obviously see the images from home. It is often found in a real casino, partner of the website in order to give even more realism to the game, or in rooms, isolated from everyone to concentrate.

First of all, you should know that Live mode is not yet very popular in Europe except in the United Kingdom. You know why ? It's very simple, you have to know how to speak English since the instructions are in English. Although this is time to change, for now, this is the situation. So if you want to play a little in Live mode, try to master a few words. Then, know that at the level of the games, it is only the table games which are developed in this direction, the games which require a croupier. obviously.