Online Poker

If before poker was played with friends, at home or in land-based casinos, now it is mainly on the net that it happens. In a few years, the profile of the players has completely changed, as have their habits. On the Internet, one could easily say that 70% of daily games take place, if not more. Why the popularity of online poker? The answer right away:

The game day and night, every day of the year

If before you had to plan a game because there were schedules to meet, this is no longer the case. You no longer have to run to arrive on time, to hurry so as not to miss your land-based casino meeting. No, if you play at specialty poker sites, you will find cash games or even tournaments any time of the day or night, all year round, 365 days a year. The pokers rooms as they are called are open non-stop, for your greatest pleasure.

The house is still very comfortable

If you are gambling on the net, chances are you are playing it from home. And beware, there is no better place to concentrate than on your sofa, quietly installed. Play from the comfort of your home, it is reassuring and it allows you not to be distracted by the environment of a land-based casino, for example, you are alone in front of your screen and you can stay "focused".

All variants are available

If in a land-based casino you have two or three tables, there are hundreds available to you on the Internet. The online poker sites and some online casinos which offer this game to their visitors, cover almost all the variants of poker, all types of games are represented, you also have different game modes such as tournaments or cash games. To vary the pleasures you can decide to play in High, Low, or even High / Low, clearly you will never be bored and will be able to discover many more activities.

Multiparty is no longer a dream

When you were sitting at a physical poker table, did you ever tell yourself that the game was not moving fast enough? We are sure it is. On the net, no respite if you wish, because you can play on several parts simultaneously. You can therefore chain hands from one table to another and also multiply the winnings.

Low costs, big gains

To play on the Internet, you don't have to be rich. You can start tournaments for one euro and these will give you the chance to win a lot of money, several hundred or even several thousand euros. For cash games, depending on your budget, you can head to tables with blinds starting at 1 cent / 2 cent. So there is something for everyone.