Online Roulette

Whether in land-based casinos or virtual casinos, online roulette occupies a prominent place in the world of gambling. From history and strategies, to our tips for playing for free and finding the best online casino, we tell you all about our favorite game in this comprehensive guide.

What Is The Game Of Roulette?

Roulette is a casino game that appeared at the beginning of the 17th century. The game takes place in three stages, firstly, the player chooses a number or a color as part of his bet. Following this bet, the croupier throws the ball within the cylinder while rotating it at the same time. Once the cylinder has stopped, the dealer announces the player's bet, indicating at the same time whether or not the player turns out to be a winner.

The goal of this game is therefore to win the bet announced at the start, in order to recover as much profit as possible. Before being integrated online, the game first appeared in land-based casinos or in underground gambling halls. Since then, its practice has been controlled and regulated within online and physical stores.

How to play roulette online?

If you are wondering how to play roulette, know that you can find all the answers on our guide which will teach you to master both land roulette and online roulette games. Just like the existing guides, it will teach you all of them. the rules of roulette to master this game, very famous around the world, including in the world of Swiss online casino. In short, with the help of our article you can play anywhere.

How to win online roulette?

In this 100% roulette guide, we cover the subject of Roulette from the ground up. Thus, you will also find articles on strategies dedicated to roulette, in particular martingales - which you can adopt during your games in a casino. How to win at roulette and find the right numbers every time? Put the odds in your favor and become an ace on the table ... Here is, without further ado, our focus on martingales and other playing methods:

Have you ever heard the word "martingale"? If you are a roulette pro, we bet you do. However, beginners will be able to find out more about this in our guide: yes, we will guide you in your learning of the famous "roulette strategy" until the end. All players who have managed to pocket wins at virtual roulette tables owe their success to a set of strategies.