Play Video Poker

Video poker is the result of an illegitimate but exquisite marriage between traditional poker and the slot machine. This enfant terrible offers us a game that combines reflection, suspense, luck, but also bonuses. It requires a little strategy and provides just as much heartbeat as either of its parents, requires as much patience as poker, but it has the advantage of being much more interactive than a slot machine. classic. Rest assured, Video Poker is available to everyone. To win at Video Poker, you will need a good strategy, some video poker tips and winning hands.

The video poker game is based on 5-card poker (5-Draw): it is played on a computerized machine. He is generally compared to the one-armed bandits in land-based casinos. But instead of reels, rows, and paylines, you'll be up against a poker hand. As in classic poker you need a good knowledge of winning combinations in order to choose which cards to keep and which to eliminate. Knowing the poker lexicon can also help you if you have no knowledge. Video Poker nevertheless has several variations that make its originality and success, the most popular being Jacks or Better.

Play Real Money Video Poker

Video poker machines are the mother of slot machines since they arrived long before in brick and mortar casinos. The success came in the 80s and since then we have lost count of video poker machines. You will find hundreds of versions, different options, but here we are going to tell you about what they have in common and especially how to play them. The success of video poker is due to its close connection with poker, but also because the game is much simpler, becoming more of a game of chance with a little thought. The strategy of a video poker game is the opposite of a poker game like Texas Hold'em. Yet filiation is found in the hands and combinations to be made, as well as distantly in the setting.

The goal of real money video poker

You are playing against the machine. The goal is to make the combinations that you will find below. Each combination has a value and will multiply your bet! The stronger the hand, the higher the multiplier. If you have no combination, you lose your bet. Here no bluffing, no strategy, you just need to know your hands well and play your luck. Between prudence and risk taking, this is perhaps the most important strategy in video poker.

How is a real money video poker game played?

Once on the video poker machine, you start by betting. The betting range is as varied as there is video poker. This can range from a few cents to several tens of euros. Obviously the bigger you play, the bigger the jackpot you can win. Once wagered, you will have your five cards in front of you. You can either keep them all or change them all or select the one you change in order to have a combination in the second and last draw that will determine whether you win or not.